Spreecast is
the Interactive Video Platform
that Connects People.

Engage your audience
With Spreecast, up to 4 people can be on camera simultaneously and thousands can participate live by asking or voting on questions, text chatting and joining on camera. Participants can also submit photos, videos and slide decks to be shared with the audience.
Desktop & mobile
Spreecast is available across iOS, Android and all major browsers.  Broadcasters can join from a desktop browser and a built-in webcam.  Advanced users can choose to use an external camera.
Stored in the cloud
Spreecasts are recorded allowing you and others to access the content long after the live experience is over. The recorded spreecasts include all the questions and chat messages as well as photos, videos and slide decks that were shared during the live experience.
Public or private options
Spreecast offers three privacy settings allowing you to control access to the event. This makes Spreecast a great tool for public events where you may want to maximize the audience size as well as private events where access control is important.
Powerful producer controls
Creators get a robust set of producer (or moderator) controls that allow them to control the entire experience including: (i) who comes on camera, (ii) which photos, videos and slide decks to share with the audience and (iii) when to start and end the spreecast. Creators can also designate others to be co-producers, delete unwanted chat messages, control the display of questions and ban unwanted participants.
Embed on any website
Spreecasts are embeddable which means people can participate even while they are still on your site (through our embedded player).  Participants can access the embedded experience from your mobile site as well.  You can also choose to allow others to embed the event on their sites too.

How are people using Spreecast today?

  • Bloggers, journalists & media companies to create interactive content
  • Influencers to engage with their audience
  • Life coaches, executive coaches and business coaches to interact with clients
  • Corporations for all-hands meetings and town hall events
  • Spiritual leaders to share insights with their followers
  • Medical professionals to discuss the latest treatments for ailments & diseases
  • Educators for teaching & distance learning
  • Think tanks for panel conversations on key issues
  • Politicians for communicating with their constituents
  • Celebrities, performing artists & authors for fan chats
  • Conference organizers for virtual conferences & panels
  • Multi-level marketing organizations to connect with their sales agents